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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dead Men Yacking

Be very afraid!
Just when I thought they were going to stick it to all of you on New Years Eve (I will not be watching), by forcing you to endure Regis after hours they're bringing Dick Clark back. Well, maybe not. ABC released a promo pic complete with a cardboard looking Dick added to the real photo of Ryan Seacrest and Hilary Duff; but no live Dick sightings yet. I'd expect a better cut/paste job than this from a major network. Although Dick does look rather tan...We also don't know where and how long Dick will appear on the show. My guess is that Ryan will be the talking head, Hilary will be on the stroll in Hollywood, and Dick will be doing his best Ronnie Reagan vacant wave from the twilight zone. Beam me up Scottie. Oops! Scottie has already left the planet. (click post title to see picture).


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