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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Reality Bites

Coming to a struggling television station near you, The Jackson Family!
Yep, the Jackson nephews, formerly known as the 3T's are being considered for a reality show. Along with the T-boys will be Auntie LaToya and Uncle Jermaine.
Of course the public will watch in hopes that Uncle Mike will make an appearance.
I hope he does too. I think we're gonna need plenty of Jesus Juice and demerol to tolerate this mess. Stay tuned.

Anyone see Being Bobby the Clown this week? Bobby and Whitney did Xmas. If Whitney wasn't loaded then I was. She did have a new wig form the Whitney Houston K-Mart wig collection. If I had not seen her terrier dog and the wig in the same frame...It was not a pretty sight. Bobby was just being Bobby. I'm holding a bed on the locked substance abuse unit for him. Until then he'll probably be back on Bravo next season and I'll be watching. Too bad I can't write that 5150 hold.


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