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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Say What?

OK, I love pets but...
A California retiree spent over $10,000 of his savings in order to treat his 13 year-old poodle for cancer. Yep, chemotherapy treatments for the dog at UC Davis. Apparently this is not unusual. The dogs, (there are others), receive smaller doses of what the humans get. I can see that Roy/Trigger thing coming...Little poodle freeze-dried, stuffed and sitting on the television for the next fifteen years! He'll even keep dressing it up in all those seasonal outfits he thought were so cute. This man should have gotten treatment earlier. Will reserve a bed for this guy. When pookie kicks it, his world is over. Note to self: If Oprah is still on the unit have these two in the same group sessions for people overly enmeshed with their pets. Medicate Stedman.


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