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Saturday, December 31, 2005

They Shoot Presidents, Don't They?

John Hinkley Jr. Gets to Spend the Night with Mummy and Daddy
So how does someone that tries to assassinate a president get an overnight home pass? Maybe when your family has close ties to, and makes large campaign donations to the Bush family. Could also be why he's in a hospital instead of prison. Hinkley previously had overnight passes within fifty miles of the hospital. He will now be more than 150 miles away. The purpose of the visits will be to 'acclimate' John to his parents' community and relearn skills, including gardening, cooking and taking out the garbage. Hmm, I learned all that working in institutions, so what's up with that? Maybe its a Martha Stewart thing...But good news: His depression and psychosis are in full remission. Right. Just a daily dose of Risperdal keeps him on track. So let's see, maybe "Squeaky" Fromme can can get that weekend hook-up with Manson? Nope. Never happen-they don't have the right connections. Wonder if the old neighborhood will throw John Jr. a block party?


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