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Friday, December 30, 2005

Too Much Money, Too Little Talent

Mr Spears Gets a Web Site
Kevin Federline wants us to, "...really get to know him." Aight! So, he's now on where you can find out about his new album, join his e-mail list and view his photo gallery. He also has 2555 'friends' (Dang!One more and he could've had a crew, like all the real rappers). Oh well, he has money to burn. One of his 'friends' Zack, wrote: "Kevin, you are the coolest guy ever. When I graduate from college I hope my career can be as successful as yours." Zacko! Dude, drop out, find an empty-head blonde rotund wanna be singer and PIMP her! Then you WILL be like Kev. So, if you wanna be like Kevin, check out his 'official' web site. You must be at least 13 years old. That alone should let you know how impressive his work is. But hey, in order to view Britney's web site it'll cost you $24.98 for twelve months. Since I'm over 13 and never illegally dowloaded anything by Britney, keep it moving...


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