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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

TV Shows I Don't Want My Really Smart Friends to Know I Watch

Maury: Love that 15th appearance for the baby's daddy, uncle-baby daddy, grandpa-could-even-the-baby daddy, and mamma's-special-friend-can't-even-be-the-daddy-but want-to-YOU ARE NOT-the-father-baby daddy. This is the stuff that populates trailer parks ya'll.
Cheaters: A wonderfully seedy way of 'encouraging temperance and virtue'. These are the Maury kids that grew up watching mama and something like a daddy chase their nookie in the trailer next door.
Dog the Bounty Hunter: Dog's hair, leathered skin, and missing teeth along with Beth's double Z chest in Hawaiian Dolly wear-well hey now! And they run down common rascals too! Doesn't get much sweeter than this. These are the Maury kids turned middle age losers, that bought a ticket to Hawaii after getting an insurance settlement and went broke. What a slice of pure big island trailer park heaven. Pass the macadamia nuts.
America's Most Wanted: John Walsh aside, I am a true fan. Hey, if I see the 'wanted' in my world I'm turning ya in. Not only that, the next day I'll be on all the morning news shows, looking very good and talking very bad about you. Like how you probably grew up in a trailer park. Yeah, that'll work.


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