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Monday, January 16, 2006

Dead Man Rolling

You're Never Too Old to Die
Clarence Ray Allen, 76, and wheelchair bound will more than likely be put to death by lethal injection early Tuesday. No Snoop Dog, no Jessie Jackson, no nothing. Allen was convicted of ordering the 1980 murders of three people in Fresno -- Bryon Schletewitz, 27, Josephine Rocha, 17, and 18-year-old Douglas White -- while serving a life sentence at Folsom Prison for ordering an earlier killing. One of his lawyer's arguments was that the execution of Allen -- who has heart disease and diabetes, among other health problems -- creates a spectacle because he will be wheeled in and carried to the table, all the while unable to even see those who have come to witness his execution. And their point is? Fill out a complaint card and keep him moving. They ought to kill him for playing the Indian race card. Wonder if he will be allowed to wear the beaded headband? He stated in an earlier interview that he will see the victims in the afterlife and explain to them that he never plotted to harm them and never wanted them harmed. Oops! So I offer a solution for Mr Allen's dilemma: Have all the victim's family members press really close to the glass and shout really loud, "Can you see me now?"


Blogger mikegothro said...

on the other hand, killing people that live in Fresno could be condidered a 'mercy killing.'

9:32 AM  
Blogger eV said...

True That! LOL!

9:58 AM  

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