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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Don't Take it Personal:Quirky Personal Ads

Man Seeking Woman
You are not a slut; you just appreciate sensual pleasure...
If you relate to what I'm saying, maybe we'll relate.
I've been ... a good boy lately... I haven't hooked up in over 4 months. Where did that get me? So I'm pretty sure I'm not rusty- but I know I'm clean - and disciplined when I want to be. Now I just want something fun. I will not go back to the one night stand thing...that was really unsatisfying. I want to have many one night stands with the same girl. I do not want a typical relationship (at least right now) --I do not want a cold unfriendly sex thing either. I want to enjoy the TENDER way we look into each other's eyes at night---the best part of an intimate relationship- without all the stress, without all the STUFF.
eV comments: Dude, You want the best without all the STUFF? Then get the life-like blow up doll and call it a day! Sensual sluts require much more work. Tenderly submitted, eV.


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