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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Don't Take it Personal:Quirky Personal Ads

Woman Seeking Woman
Are there any BUTCHES out there?
I am just about to give up butches all together! Hello? Is anyone out there? I can't help myself - butches/studs are so very hot! Personally, I am tired of all the tweeners, sporty girls, femmes, high femmes, and women that don't realize that they are high-femme. I am NOT looking for a relationship. I would like some fun dates/dinners or quiet evenings in with someone new. I prefer butch tops, but I know that those are even harder to find! I know all the posts on here are anti-butch so I am hoping that means there are a few single butches hanging around ***** somewhere. I LOVE older women - prefer over 30 and am VERY attracted to butches in their early 40's. I don’t know if anyone is out there. PLEASE feel free to contact me and we will take it from there! Maybe all the butches have migrated elsewhere and I am just talking to myself.
eV comments: Isn't that a song line? Where have all the butches gone? Long time passing. Let’s see…Rosie is off the market, Melissa E. is still with her sweet young hanger-on, Oprah is taken…(You know Gail has that locked up! Get the feeling I’m NOT feelin Oprah?)…So what’s a fem- seeking butch to do? Well you could hook up with a dl man and pretend to be happily married while seeking same sex relationships for the two of you. Sorry, I forgot, Star Jones already did that.


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