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Notes from the back of the medication line, straight up, no juice chaser, by a mental health professional who has seen the madness, defined the madness and lived to tell the tales, sanity intact.

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Monday, January 02, 2006


From this week's favorite cellphone web forum...
List the things that would make you want to say to someone that's interested in you, Don't talk to me if...
*You think that Confessions of a Video Vixen was an intellectual book.
*You're living anywhere that you still have to write your name on the juice in the fridge.
*You call my phone talking about, "Who is Diz?" Uh, Uh!
*Ya toe nails are clawing the pavement. Don't talk, get a pedicure!
*You got your eyebrows drawn on looking like two leeches sucking the blood outta your forehead. Don't say nothing to me.
*I can't tell which eye is looking at me when we're staring eye to eye, don't look at me or talk to me.
*You ain't got no job, no education, and no money because you're waiting for your music career to take off.
*You got kids my age? Please don't talk to me. Accept your mid-life crisis.
*You're missing teeth. Don't talk to me. Talk to a dentist!
*You're a man with fingernails longer than mine, we can't talk,ever.
*You've watched the R Kelly porn video so much, you know what's gonna happen next before it happens, we can never talk.
*Your lips are black from smoking blunts...Get the hell outta here!
*You're a grown man that loves singing Christina Aguilar hits...Ummm don't talk to me.
*You got more goals than achievements.
*You don't have a bank account and still going to the check cashing place, but you're driving a BMW. Don't bother, I'm not laying up with you in mamma's basement.


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