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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Law and Disorder: Who's Packing?

Town Law: All Must Carry a Condom
The townspeople of Tulua, Colombia might want to start cleaning out their wallets soon. A member of the town council is proposing a new law that would require everyone--men, women and visitors age 14 and over--to carry at least one condom with them at all times to reduce unwanted pregnancies and curb sexually transmitted diseases, reports The Associated Press. If the law passes, anyone who is caught without a condom could be fined $180 or ordered to take a safe sex class. "Sexual relations are going on constantly," councilman William Pena told AP. "If you carry a condom, chances are you'll use it during the day. It's not going to be there forever." Tulua, which is 150 miles southwest of Bogata, has one of the country's highest rates of HIV infection. Pena's proposal will be debated by the town leaders and could become law by March. Meanwhile, the Roman Catholic priests in the Tulua are livid, especially since even they would be forced to carry a condom. They object to the law because they believe it will encourage sexual relations. "Nobody can force someone to carry a condom in their pocket," the Rev. Roberto Sarmiento told AP. "They should instead carry the responsibility of what sexual relations mean."
eV comments: Are priests having sex now? When did that happen? Will they need a special pocket sewn into those robes?


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