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Sunday, January 22, 2006

One Man's Pee Pee is Another Man's Art

Peeing in public is performance art, artist argues
Associated Press
COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Is it a sprinkle or a tinkle? Danish artist Uwe Max Jensen has been fined about $165 for peeing in public. But Jensen denies the allegation. He says what he did was a performance art piece.
He claims he just pretended to pee against a wall, by squirting water from a plastic bag. The court ruled it's not necessary to prove whether he urinated or just sprinkled water. In any case, the court says Jensen's behavior was "obscene" and illegal.


Anonymous Bassistlex said...

I knew this woman personally. I was unfortunately in jail with her for 5 months. What I did was NOTHING compared to her. I took some money - but have since paid it all back. This woman IS crazy - she is the Mental Observation Ward of the jail. She has made my life a living hell - telling everybody I am the sick one. She tries to turn my best friend against me, by sending her letters from the jail telling her to "watch out" for me. I am only 26 years old, I am back in college and am turning my life around. Where does someone who is more than twice my age get off being such a bully?

8:03 AM  

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