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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Please Don't Squeeze the Charmin and the Cash

Suspected Counterfeiters Clog Toilet
Fri Jan 6, 10:34 PM ET (AP)
Two people suspected of counterfeiting money spent at least a week relieving themselves in plastic shopping bags, because the plumbing stopped working in their apartment when they flushed wads of suspected fake cash down the toilet, authorities said. Selina Jean Valdez, 28, was arrested Thursday on a warrant for forgery, possession of forgery instruments and criminal mischief. Her suspected partner Daniel Marquez, 41, is wanted on the same charges. The two are suspected of running a low-tech counterfeiting operation, using a combination printer-scanner-copier and a personal computer to make fake $50 and $100 bills, detectives said. Investigators said they think Marquez and Valdez flushed wads of the counterfeit money down the toilet on Dec. 26 when detectives tried to question the two suspects. The rental duplex where Valdez and Marquez were staying was discovered flooded with sewage
eV comments: Here's a hint Selina: Next time take one of the fake bills and buy a shredder and a thinking partner. Charge her with being stupid and very nasty.


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