Notes From the Back of the Medication Line

Notes from the back of the medication line, straight up, no juice chaser, by a mental health professional who has seen the madness, defined the madness and lived to tell the tales, sanity intact.

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I am what I am.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Saving a Locked Unit Bed for...

Jamie Foxx: Lip-synced while acting like Ray Charles; now acting like a singer. When he runs out of REAL superstars to sing for, and over him on the next album, he'll come running to the back of the medication line. There is none so blind than one who cannot see that he should keep his FIRST day job! Oh, and stop trying to act like you love 'thick women' like Oprah when everyone we see you with is much lighter in skin color and weight! Although he is quite delusional, his bed will be on the eating disorder unit so that he can be in the thin and thick of it with women of all sizes. Real thin women to whine over him... Big gals to crush him and his CD's.


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