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Sunday, January 01, 2006


Direct from the most recent VH1's Celebrity Fit Club:
Young MC: Bustin a big move at 278lbs.
Countess Vaughn: After having plastic surgery on her booty, (o.k.), and hoping to drop it like it's hot, weighing 130lbs at 4' 11''.
Chastity Bono: Cher's not so little girl-boi pushing up on the scales at 215lbs.
Tempestt Bledsoe: Cobsy's kid did well-NYU Finance degree and all. Proud she never did had a drug or alcohol addiction, she failed to realize she had a food issue. Put down the samm-itch honey, you weigh 181lbs!
All are admitted to the eating disorder unit. Note to self: If Oprah is still on the unit she will NOT be allowed to discuss any weight issues with these clients. Medicate Stedman. Buy extra wide, strongly supported beds. Encourage Slim-fast.


Anonymous Dilcie said...

Even at 215, Chas is cute and what did Countess have done to her ass? Is it an improvement--I'm not seein it. And when did she get a husband and a kid? I thought she was gay... The guy with the red glasses from Hollywood Squares needs a heap a help!

12:15 PM  

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