Notes From the Back of the Medication Line

Notes from the back of the medication line, straight up, no juice chaser, by a mental health professional who has seen the madness, defined the madness and lived to tell the tales, sanity intact.

Location: back of the line

I am what I am.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Ray Nagin: Mayor of the 'not so new anymore' New Orleans, who on MLK's b-day called all the brothers/sisters back home to the "chocolate city." May-day Mayor! They're starting to question your sanity. Besides any old P-Funk fans know that the original Chocolate C-Tay was D.C. according to George Clinton and Bootsy Collins, circa 1975. Ray, you're in luck-I still got that vinyl and will be playing it for ya during recreational therapy. If ya hear any noise it's just me and the boys...


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