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Thursday, January 12, 2006

True Lies: A Million Little Pieces of Scam

Oprah takes one for the team/the pocket book-well, Prada bag...
The October 26, 2005 Oprah show was titled, The Man who Kept Oprah Awake at Night (we knew Stedman wasn't all that exciting), that man was recovered addict, James Frey. By now most of you outside the substance abuse field have read this book/memoir/rag that sold over 3.5millionn copies, second only to Harry Potter Inc. last year. Well, The Smoking Gun outted him for all the "embellishments" and other distorted facts that were "blurred" due to his substance use. So there he sat on Larry King with his mama-who looked lik she has a few under her belt for a number of years and Oprah rings in. She wants us to know that despite all the uproar and the fact that she helped ya'll fall for another addict scam, the fact that some people were helped by this book should be the important thing to keep in mind. So don't sweat the truth people; just keep buying Jame's and Oprah's books. But I tell you this-no one is going to buy the next book Frey has just written. Not even Oprah. (click on title to go to the smoking gun article)


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